Lil Penny – Throwback Tues.

“Thats Tyra Banks fool!” … I’m sure many of you that followed basketball in the 90’s remember when lil Penny came on the scene. Penny and Shaq were supposed to be a dominant force for 10+ years. Unfortunately Shaq left Disney world for Disney land to get his rings and Penny became a marginal player. I think Jim Rome said it best about Penny, “He’s a good player with a great doll.” If you’ve forgotten about lil Penny, lets take a trip down memory lane.

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Celebrating 32

Me at 17 .. and Me at 31

In honor of the greatness that is myself on my 32nd year of awesomeness, I have devoted this blog post to the great number 32. In sports there have been many to wear the number 32 so I’ve selected a few of my favorites.

Salute to the great 32

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