Birds Fall from Playoffs

A-Rod could do no wrong in Atlanta

Whoa!! Did y’all see the story about them birds falling from the sky? .. Well, maybe we should have taken it as a prophetic sign because two more teams with bird mascots are knocked out of the playoffs (Ravens, Falcons). The Ravens-Steelers game, or should I say Steelers – Ravens game lived up to all the hype and I believe we will not see a better game from here on out. The physicality, the hate, hard nose defense and last minute heroics – I mean what more can you ask for?

As for the Falcons- Packers game, or should I say the Packers game, the Falcons fans are going to go to sleep and dream about Aaron Rodgers. He went into the Georgia dome screaming with a spear and ready to kill and thats how you have to beat a team like Atlanta at home. Rodgers could do no wrong against a pourus Atlanta defense. To quote A-Rod “It was just one of those nights”.

Congrats to the Steelers and Packers … on to the next round.


Easy’s NFL Awards

Bump the Oscars, forget the Emmy’s it’s time to lay out my picks for the 2010-11 NFL season. We are going to look at; Coach of the year, Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year, as well as Offensive and Defensive players of the year. Here at Ballers Sports we want to hear from you so let us know in our comments section who you like and dislike. We are the people’s blog and we want to connect with you. Continue reading

Easy’s Divisional Picks

Brady is the man , I got them going to Dallas

 Disclaimer: Save your money though because last week, the kid was 0-4. .. Who knew?

The Saints – Who knew? .. Yea they were away but you can’t tell me 90% of america didn’t pick them.

The Eagles – Who knew? .. Yea this game was a pick em and I picked wrong.

The Colts – Who knew? .. Peyton at home? I took my chances

The Chiefs – Who knew? .. My surprise upset pick, but once Seattle came through on their upset, I knew I was in trouble with this pick.

Ok so here we go, 0 for 4 last week, if I go 4 for 4, I’m back at .500. I’m going with my gut,  no analysis, no breakdown,  no nothing, so here go your winners for this week.






Money in the bank! … Shawty what ya drank?



Easy’s Picks for Wildcard Weekend.

Super Bowl XLV - The Journey Begins ..

There are a few things in life that you can count on, death, taxes and playoff football!!! .. I’m geeked so here are my locks for the wildcard weekend. And by locks I mean, you may win and you may not, either way I’m not responsible for your gambling habit. Continue reading