SEC Bias – The Drive for Five

Cam Newton is gonna put in work!

I wrote an article last year entitled “SEC Bias” in which I was beating my chest in that teams from the SEC hold the last 4 BCS Championships. Welp … This year what do ya know, a SEC team is going for their 5th consecutive title. Those who know me know that I’m a Florida Gators fan all day and its all about that Gators chop. However, I am southern boy born and bred and I got to let the world know when it comes to football in south there is nothing else that tops it. … Nothing!

In the south Saturdays are for football, Sundays are for God and if you ask southerners which is more important, you might not like the answer. There is just something different about football “round these parts”. Kids are born to hate Auburn, love Alabama and vice-versa. The southern rivalries go deep but behind the hatred is a respect for each other that few will admit. So tonight I’m gonna be pulling for Auburn, but best believe when they play Florida next year, .. It’s on!

WAR EAGLE – Keep it in the family boys.