Ballers 2011 NBA All-Stars

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is almost time again for the annual NBA All-Star festivities which will be held in Los Angeles. We got to thinking and we asked ourselves, why not do a blog about the All-Stars that we voted for? After careful deliberation we came up with 10 starters that we at Ballers Sports voted for. You know what they say, many or called but the chosen are 10. Here is our list. Continue reading


Dear AI



Allen Iverson at Georgetown where it all began

So word on the street is AI is about to call it quits. I wrote this last year but I thought i would repost. This is for all my AI fans. In the beginning … It was the year 1994 and as a Freshman in High School I instantly became a fan with #3 for the Georgetown Hoyas. As a lifelong Hoyas fan I was drawn to them because “I liked their colors”. Continue reading