Super Memories – My Top 5 Super Bowls

Its all about the ring ... either you have one or you don't.

I’m 32 years old and I haven’t always been into to football like I am now. Probably around middle school was were the love affair began. I remember as a child my dad would boil peanuts, make sandwiches and we would sneak them into Bucs games. The first Super Bowl that I can remember was when Doug Williams led the Redskins over the Broncos. Since then, I have compiled a top 5  list of my favorite Super Bowls. Check it out. Continue reading


Cutler Tough

Let it be said … I will never question another mans toughness. Especially in a sport like football. However, Jay Cutler quit on his team. Yep, I said it. Jay Cutler let his team down. Several things lead me to this conclusion.

Trent Dilfer said this on the post game show: “When doctors say  you can’t play you have two choices. 1) not to play and 2) to say no I’m gonna fight to the death and battle. I didn’t see any fight in Cutler”.

This is my point exactly. This is the NFC championship game, some teams NEVER make it here and you are just gonna sit there on the sidelines with your hoodie on? .. C’mon son.  If you can walk, you can throw. That defense played too hard against that stellar Green Bay offense for Cutler not to be out there. Again, I wasn’t going to say anything but once I started seeing former athletes call out Cutler on twitter I became more comfortable in assessment.

Derrick Brooks tweeted: @Dbrooks55 -“Lovie Smith job on the line and this Cutler guy sitting, at least let me see you limp,now Collins got hurt look on his face.”

Deion Sanders tweeted: @DeionSanders -“ I’m telling u in the playoffs u must drag me off the field. All the medicine in pro lockerooms this dude comes out! I apologize bear fans!”

I could go on and on and I’m not gonna just crap on Cutler, he helped get his team to the Championship game. Let me end by saying this. Every athlete who desires greatness has a moment and that moment can be either really good or really bad.

Today was Cutler’s moment.