My Sports Journey

Oh to be 16 again.

When you decide to become a blogger and write your views for others to read one thing you will soon realize is that if you don’t have a network of fellow bloggers to surround you then you will  soon be a thing of the past. I have began to surround myself around some very creative writers who have carved their own niche into the blogosphere. Shout out to my homie Eddie Maisonet creator of He shared with me the first post he wrote back in 2008 and this post is inspired by that. Keep doing your thing bro. Continue reading


What We Learned from SB XLV

Superbowl XVL will be remembered for Aaron Rodgers catapulting himself into the upper echelon of NFL Quarterbacks. The Packers beat the Steelers in what I would call a very good but not great game, which is fine by me because not every Superbowl can be great. So, what else did we learn from the Superbowl?

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Shawn Kemp – Throwback Tues.

Remember these?

Shawn Kemp was known as the reign man in the NBA during the early 90’s. Before his career ended Kemp was a All-star and a daily highlight on sportscenter. To the young kats out there Shawn Kemp was Blake Griffin before Blake Griffin was Blake Griffin. Kemp was on yesterday’s post (Old School NBA – ) and we already had him pegged for this weeks Throwback Tuesday a week ago.

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Old School NBA …(To soothe your pain)

We love our old school dunks

Yes I know our dear football season is gone. … And I know there is a strong possibility that there might not be football again for next year. … Welp the silver lining is that there are still other sports going on. The violence of game day experience of football will be missed but we here at Ballers Sports have a special gift for you. To get your appetite wet for the NBA we have assembled some of our favorite NBA highlights of the past.

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Class of 2011 – HoF

6 New Inductees are headed to Canton

Ballers Sports congratulates this years class of Hall of Fame inductees. This class includes one of my favorite players of all-time, Deion Sanders who was the definition of a shut-down corner. This guy was before his time, he was in my opinion the first athlete to successfully understand the balance needed be an entertainer and an athlete. Sanders is joined by 6 other guys who enter into football immortality.

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Poll Friday 2.4.11

Each friday we are going to put up a few polls to your take and feel on some of the sports issues we talk about here at Ballers Sports. .. Take a second and vote and comment if you like.

Ballers Sports Dunk of the Night – Blake Griffin

Mamma there goes that man! .. Blake Griffin is at it again. I will say this. I will give Kyle Korver credit for jumping though. That is a brave man. *slow applause* — The Clippers eventually lost but hey at least we got more Blake Griffin highlights.  For more on Blake Griffin

Ballers Sports – Dunk of the Night … Blake Griffin.