Malcolm’s Last Hour


Brother Malcolm only lived to be 39

February 21, 1965

That was the day Malcolm Little took his last breath. I was thinking about todays post and wanted to do something different to honor Malcolm. Many of us refer to him as brother Malcolm because there is a brotherhood for all of us who want to do better for ourselves, our families and our communities. Malcolm was no different and today’s post will give you a insight into a piece of Malcolm that you have never seen.  One of my buddies on twitter Johnathan Tillman (@thetillshow on twitter) told this story verbatum on and I am honored to repost it.

Thanks again Till

“I told this story last year, but I’ve gained like 1500 followers since then. So…yeah  A lot of you don’t know, but my uncle was Malcolm’s press secretary up until his death & was there the day X was assassinated. I asked him to tell me what happened that day and he did…so if you don’t wanna see it, scroll over my tweets, mute, whatever. He said: that day, X was melancholy. This was shortly after they had firebombed his house while his fam was there. Up until then, X had brushed off most of the threats beccause they only affected him. But once his fam was brought into it, his mood changed. The look on his face was similar to the photo of Pac in the car w/ Suge. As if X knew his time was at an end & had made peace with it.

 My uncle was standing at the door of the ballroom when the shots rang out. He started to run towards X, but decided against it. He heard screams like he could never imagine. People were trying to jump on the shooters. They got to one but two fled. He stayed around and waited for the police to get there. He did not go see X’s body, and ran home when he deemed it safe. He went home and didn’t cry. Instead he wrote. (I started to ask what it said but I knew better) then he finally let the tears go…It took awhile for things to calm down, as you can imagine. He got a call from Sister Shabazz to be a pallbearer & he cried again. He told me that he had never met a person as thorough as Malcolm. Before he made a move, X dotted every I & crossed every T.

 Once, their org was running a story on a man that had been killed, but in the article they wrote “murdered” instead. In journalism circles, you can’t call someone murdered if it isn’t proven because they can sue for slander. They had printed out 500 copies already, & Malcolm, my unc, and others crossed out murder & put killed in each copy.

Fatherhood by any means neccessary.

 Unc said the first time he met X, he was “everything he thought and nothing like he thought at the same time.” He had the presence that we see on videos & pictures, but was sort of unassuming. Calm, but his eyes had a fire unmatched. He said when X looked you in the eye, whether you disagreed or not, you understood that was a man with a different sense of belief. Which is what startled him about 2/21, because his eyes didn’t have that same life in them. X knew, man.”

I’m still nowhere near done studying Brother Malcolm, but if that doesn’t give you insight to the man he was, then…yeah

 You check out the homie J.Tillman who puts pen to pad at and you can also follow him on twitter @theTillShow

Peace … no really.. Peace y’all, lets live it.


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  1. Man I have heard Till tell this story a million times and it never gets old.

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