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First ever cover of Slam Magazine

Fact: In order to be a good writer you have to enjoy reading.

Fact: Every writer writes based on their inspiration and/or experience.

When I was younger the only thing that I enjoyed reading were sports Magazines. My parents allowed me to express my creativity and I had sports pictures and cut outs all over my wall. I wish I had a picture cause the room my brother and I shared was c-o-v-e-r-e-d with sports pictures. Back then the only sports magazine out was Sports Illustrated but there was something that didn’t allow me to fully connect. Fast forward to 1994 an urban, brash, in-your-face magazine called SLAM came on the scene and I instantly connected with it. The first writer who pulled me into his world of words was Scoop Jackson. This post is inspired by his first article he wrote when he got to ESPN entitled “The Scoop Manifesto” .

Thanks to all those who blazed the path for young writers to write their own manifesto.

Belief – [bih-leef] noun. something believed; an opinion or conviction.


I believe a writer must have ethics.

I believe the great ones know how to stretch those ethics without crossing the line.

I try to never write something my mother or son would be ashamed of.

I believe sports is the great melting pot, not america.

I believe the black sportswriters at ESPN have to write twice as good.

I believe a lot of them do.

I believe Michael Wilbons last piece for the Washington Post was so good it did something to me as a writer. ( http://tinyurl.com/46nv2rr )

I believe in Ralph Wiley.

I believe Jemele Hill is such a great writer I often ponder what direction she would take in my own writing.

I believe in her hotness as well.

I believe in Howard Bryant and his hoop earing. *Jordan shrug*.

I believe Michael Smith is the most versatile guy at ESPN.

I believe Bomani Jones is really the voice of the people and Chicago Mike deserves mention in this blog.

I believe that covers all my favorite writers.

I believe these young guys have caught up to Tiger Woods.

Ralph Wiley - This post is dedicated to all who paved the way

I believe Barry Melrose should not get a pass on that mullet.

I believe MJ pushed Russell but the Jazz didn’t deserve to win that series even if he didn’t.

I believe blacks will never embrace the NHL.

I believe the NHL doesn’t really care.

I believe todays players in every sport are bigger, faster and stronger, but I would still take the weaker, slower and less strong older athletes because they were much smarter.

I believe that one day HBCU’s won’t have to play in the play-in game for the tournament.

I believe that won’t happen for another 10 years though.

I believe in women’s sports, (I really do).

I believe in the underdog.

I believe Shaq and Ron Artest should do a mix tape. (Funny as that sounds somebody would buy it and some charity would benefit).

I believe you can’t measure one’s heart. (But I’d put all my money on AI having the biggest).

I got Magic, Micheal, Bird, Barkley and Wilt.

I still get mad at the following people: Charles Smith, Victor Paige, Lonnie Smith, John Starks, and Buster Douglas.

I believe OJ is guilty of something but I’ll save the judgement for God.

I believe Vick doesn’t owe me an apology, my dog is right here sleep.

I believe only Mike Tyson could play the role of Mike Tyson in a Mike Tyson movie.

I’m not gonna say anything about my theory of MJ and Charles putting Tiger on to white women so I’ll move on.

I wish I knew more about the negro leagues.

I believe Jim Brown, Bob Gibson and John Thompson are the definition of “old man strong”.

Bryant Gumble on HBO’s Real Sports > Anything else he’s done.

I got Ali, Tiger, MJ and Jim Brown on my Sports Mt. Rushmore who you got? ( http://wp.me/p1hrP8-h )

I believe in Raheem Morris

I believe someone needs to put an end to these “sports wives” shows starring women who aren’t …. (wait for it) … Wives.

I believe in Scoops article  http://tinyurl.com/3vqhu

I believe when it’s all said and done Lebron will get a ring.

I believe there is no artistic way I could end this post but I will do so in my next  line.



One Response

  1. Hella post partner… I believe that one day I will be one of those favorite writers as well. It’s just a matter of time. I believe that someday you will find yourself in the same company as those guys too. If you keep pushing.
    Great post again brother.

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