Moments in Sports That We L-O-V-E



Who didn't love that 06 George Mason team

Ballers Sports would like to wish every one of our readers a very happy Valentines day. Love is a beautiful thing and if you look around you should be able to celebrate some type of love in your life, because that is what Valentines day is all about.  As sports fans we all have certain sports, teams and players that we “love”. In honor of this day we wanted to put together a quick list of moments that we love in sports. After you read this and if there is anything we’ve left out, feel free to add what you love in our comments section.

  We Love:

 A Good Underdog Story


We love a great underdog story.


There is something about the underdog that makes them so easy to root for. For some reason people connect with their story because we like when people succeed when everyone else around thinks that they cannot do it. There was always that one guy back in school who picked the underdog to win when everyone else took the easy pick and went with the favorite. Here are just a few of our favorite underdog stories:


Patriots defeat Rams, Super bowl 36, 2002

Cassius Clay defeats Liston, 1964

USA Hockey defeats Russia, 1980

Red Sox defeat Yankees, 2004

Jimmy V’s North Carolina State Team, 1981

The Braves “worst to first” season of 1991

George Mason Basketball team, 2006

There are so many great underdog stories but those are just a few of our favorites.
We also love:

A good comeback story 

 A good comeback doesn’t always end up in championships rather it is the ability of them to come back despite the odds. These types of stories tend to transcend the sports world and force you to think about the big picture. Here are some of the “comeback” stories that made our list.


Clarett makes our list. We want him to win.


Ricky Williams – Ricky has overcome a lot of personal battles and was able to resurrect his career.

Lance Armstrong- He beat cancer, nuff said.

Rick Ankiel – If you don’t know his story, google him.

Alonzo Mourning – Overcame kidney disease to win a NBA championship.

Maurce Clarett – (see this )

 Mike Vick – Say what you want about the man, he’s getting his life together and that is a win to us.

We Love:

To see the Yankees, Duke, Lakers and dominate teams lose. 

  Don’t know why, we just do.

We Love:

Achievements in Race

So many times acceptance based on race in achieved in sports before it is anywhere else. Looking down history’s timeline there are so many notable stories where athletes have succeeded against opposition to their race. We love to hear “this person was the first ___”. It makes everyone feel good not just that particular race. There are too many to name on this list, but here are some of our faves.

Jackie Robinson

Jesse Owens

Wilma Rudolph

Curt Flood

Ron Riveria

Venus and Serena Williams

Tony Dungy

Doug Williams


The Williams Sisters did a lot for women and African-Americans


From everyone here at Ballers Sports we want to wish you and yours a Happy Valentines day.


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