My Sports Journey

Oh to be 16 again.

When you decide to become a blogger and write your views for others to read one thing you will soon realize is that if you don’t have a network of fellow bloggers to surround you then you will  soon be a thing of the past. I have began to surround myself around some very creative writers who have carved their own niche into the blogosphere. Shout out to my homie Eddie Maisonet creator of He shared with me the first post he wrote back in 2008 and this post is inspired by that. Keep doing your thing bro.

Edwin is the name that was given to me on that great day of January 22, 1979 but since then I have attained many different names that speak to my persona (Eddie, Edub, Bigdogg, Easy or just “E”). However you know me you probably don’t “know” me. This post is to give you just some general insight of me and my sports journey. Ever since I could remember I was an athlete. I never thought I was blessed with superior looks so I figured I would impress girls by being funny and excelling at sports. No comment on if it worked or not but this is my sports journey of how my teams became“MY TEAMS”.

I still go hard for my Hoyas

 In the beginning I chose my favorite teams based on their colors. I instantly became a Chicago Bears and Georgetown Hoyas fan before I fully understood the game. Living in Tampa, Florida I would slowly become a Buccaneers fan. Memories of my father, boiling peanuts, making sandwiches and sneaking sodas into the old Tampa stadium were “the good ole days”. At 20 bucks a ticket my Dad, older brother and I would sit in that hot florida sun and watch Barry Sanders run for 175 yards on our porous Bucs defense (Pre Dungy Era). It wasn’t long until I began to bleed Buccaneer orange.

 One thing the always remained constant was the Hoyas. When I attended college in Alabama I quickly realized that it’s all about “where you’re from”. I took extra pride in my florida teams specifically (The Bucs, Gators and even our hockey team the Lightning). At the same time we had a young team just getting started and how awesome is it to say that you were a fan from day 1? Yes, I’m talking about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I never really had a “team” in the NBA, I kind of just went through different phases. The Dominique phase, LJ phase, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson phase and Allen Iverson phase. Till this day I don’t have a team in the NBA I just like watch elite players do their thing.

#55 & #99 Two Hall of Famers in one draft

So here I stand today, I go hard for my Buccaneers, Rays, and Hoyas above all. I got love for the Gators as well as the USF Bulls and that is the genesis of my sports bias. I love sports and that is why I spill these internal opinions and observations on to this blog. The great thing about Al Gore’s “interweb” is that there are a lot of other people like me. Check the blogroll and give them a read.



6 Responses

  1. Haha when I was young I chose teams based on colors too! Well, actually I’d just wear the gear, never watched the games since I didn’t really watch sports as a kid. Then I went through a phase of becoming a bandwagon fan: Bulls, Orlando Magic, Dallas Cowboys.

  2. #1. Thanks for the shout homie.

    #2. The Rays seem like they are going to be AWESOME in 2011, Manny Ramirez is my favorite baseball player of all-time. I want BJ Upton to be great, and the pitching staff is unreal. One thing though, the Rays need David Price to be an ace, and I’m unsure if he’s capable of doing it just yet.

    #3. The Sapp/Brooks photo is classic.

    #4. I didn’t realize Georgetown was not an HBCU until like 1999.

    #5. Adding you to the blogroll homie. Keep doing it man, great work.


  3. Word. You have to write your interlude. The reason you do what you do. I used to live through everyone elses eyes as I would pick and chose my way through times we agreed. Now I do it my way. However I still leave my mark on the sites that show creativity and innovation. Its an honor to follow you as you reach out and share your experiences brother. Keep doing what you do. You have some good people in your corner. Ed, Kenny, SyReeta, Terrell, and Jos. Man they are doing it the right way. They aren’t selling their souls, just selling you a piece of them. That is what makes reading their works so great.

  4. Great post man. We’ve definitely got to do this as well over at RMS (if you don’t mind bro!). Allows the readers to get to know the real you and your purpose for this here blogging. And much respect from me for not being the “convenient fan”. Keep up the great work. We’re in your corner. – Terrell

  5. Thanks for the kind words peeps, we gotta keep going! Thanks for the support

  6. Good stuff, brotherman. It’s always nice to see where a fan became a fan, so to speak. I’m like Ed, in regards to the Hoyas. They’re my team as well, and I thought they were an HBCU all the way until I graduated from high school. I even applied there my senior year of high school, off the strength of what I saw on the court. It’s funny how our tales of fandom shape who we are and how we interpret the game.

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