Shawn Kemp – Throwback Tues.

Remember these?

Shawn Kemp was known as the reign man in the NBA during the early 90’s. Before his career ended Kemp was a All-star and a daily highlight on sportscenter. To the young kats out there Shawn Kemp was Blake Griffin before Blake Griffin was Blake Griffin. Kemp was on yesterday’s post (Old School NBA – ) and we already had him pegged for this weeks Throwback Tuesday a week ago.

For some odd reason it doesn’t seem like Shawn Kemp played 14 seasons in the NBA. He finished his career with stints with Cleveland, Orlando and Portland although we remeber Kemp was at the apex of his career while in Seattle a lot of fans forget about his later years. In Seattle he was a double-double guy for six straight seasons and had it not been for Jordan and the un-stopa-bulls Kemp and Payton would be sporting rings.

The Reign Man

To must of us Kemp fans, when he ended up in Cleveland signaled the beginning of the end. Gone were the highlights films and at one point Kemp ballooned up to 275. I remember reading an article a SLAM were he said “if I was out of shape, how would I be able to play to play 80 games.” Well in shape or not we’ll always have those highlights in Seattle.

As careers go, Kemp played in a Finals, was a 6 time all-star and won a gold medal with the 1994 USA Basketball National team. All that’s good and all, but to us we’re satisfied with him just being … “The Reign Man”



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