Class of 2011 – HoF

6 New Inductees are headed to Canton

Ballers Sports congratulates this years class of Hall of Fame inductees. This class includes one of my favorite players of all-time, Deion Sanders who was the definition of a shut-down corner. This guy was before his time, he was in my opinion the first athlete to successfully understand the balance needed be an entertainer and an athlete. Sanders is joined by 6 other guys who enter into football immortality.

Ed Sabol

Without this guy we would not be able to view the history like we do now. The founder of NFL films, Ed Sabol is an icon to say the least. The way we are now able to view old NFL films to the arrangement of classical and inspiring music is all thanks to him.

Marshal Faulk

One of the best all-around backs to ever play in the NFL. When this guy was at his prime it was a beauty to watch him play the game. Much deserved for a stellar career.

#28 One of the best to ever do it.

Les Richter

No disrespect but this guy was before my time. I looked him up and saw that he was a perennial all-pro and had to be a great play to get in with this class.

Chris Hanburger

Hanburger had a 14 year career with 9 pro-bowls and in 1972 was the defensive player of the year.

Shannon Sharpe

Never shy from a sound byte, Sharpe is arguably one the best catching tight ends to ever play the game. Over 800 career catches and has multiple rings.

Richard Dent

Was the starting D-End on arguably the greatest defense that ever played. He was MVP of Super Bowl XX along with numerous other awards. Not bad for a 8th round pick.

Deion Sanders

“Prime Time” was exactly that. The first “shut down” corner who not only made plays on the field but would dance and high step while he was doing it. He’s transitioned into the media and has done a stellar job there with his candid comments and his magnetic personality.

Deion always put on a show


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