Lil Penny – Throwback Tues.

“Thats Tyra Banks fool!” … I’m sure many of you that followed basketball in the 90’s remember when lil Penny came on the scene. Penny and Shaq were supposed to be a dominant force for 10+ years. Unfortunately Shaq left Disney world for Disney land to get his rings and Penny became a marginal player. I think Jim Rome said it best about Penny, “He’s a good player with a great doll.” If you’ve forgotten about lil Penny, lets take a trip down memory lane.

Lil Penny – Todays Ballers Sports Throwback



Someone wanna tell me why Penny and Nick was sitting so close on the couch?

That was Tyra Banks fool!

Each Tuesday we will doing throwback Tuesday where we bring back memories from some of our favorite throwback athletes. Any suggestions just hit us up.


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