All-Star Weekend – Who has the best?

I got to thinking this week with the Pro Bowl coming up and the NHL’s All-Star weekend on deck, out of all the major sports which one has the best All-Star festivities? Of course all I can do is voice my opinion but what do you guys think? Are you more of a traditional person who likes how baseball does it? Do you prefer the laid back atmosphere and sunny weather that the Pro Bowl offers? Lets take a look.


They tell me that the Hockey All-Star weekend is this weekend. Hold up … let me check ESPN.  Ok so tonight it appears they were picking teams. Saturday (Day 2) they have a skills competition, which actually sounds like it may be kind of fun. Sunday (Day 3) is the big game between the East and the West. The final analysis is simply this: I don’t know much about hockey and with all due respect to my Canadian bretheren I just can’t get in. However, I can’t give it a bad grade because I’ve never witnessed it. Final Grade: Incomplete

Pro Bowl game is the worst part of the whole weekend.


Out of all the places to have their All-Star weekend, it certainly doesn’t get any better than the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. I really enjoy the skills competitions, leagues fastest man and just watching the athletes interact and enjoy themselves. It looks like a great time is always had by all that is in attendance. There is only one small thing that destroys this whole weekend … THE GAME!!!  Seeing the players go at 1/4 speed, superstars on special teams and no hits its just not football to me. Keep the events, lose the game and I’m good. Final Grade:  B-


I got to be honest, this weekend lives and dies by the slam-dunk competition. Back in the day that’s what it was all about. I remember even back when I was in college the year Vince shut it down those were good times. The NBA has a solid weekend. They have great things for the fans, the rookie/sophomore game is always  fun to watch and the game itself is really solid. The only downside is that the superstars don’t want to be in the dunk contest and 3- point shootout but other than that I would say a very good weekend the NBA puts on. Final grade:  B+


Whenever I think about Baseball’s All-Star break I think about that commercial they began running a few years back that said “this year it counts”.  I think its safe to say the rule of whoever wins the all-star game gets home field in the word series is the dumbest thing ever. Way to make 162 games meaningless Mr. Selig. Aside from that the home run competition is always a big hit (no pun intended). If you like baseball the game is cool but it’s still 3 hours though. They do the best they can with what they got but still room for improvement. Final Grade: C

Weigh in …


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