Not Just A Game

Big Ben ... love em or hate em?

Fact: There will be some people who will not be rooting for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl because of the fact that they don’t like Ben Roethlisberger. Many times our “fandem” is a result of how we view athletes for what they have done off the field. It’s a fine line but when it comes to sports you should always know this … It’s never just a game.

Ray Lewis

I can recall a while back during the Ravens Super Bowl season Ray Lewis was in the news and it wasn’t for crushing running backs. His image took a hit, he lost some endorsements and although he got off he was still public enemy #1 in a lot of people’s eyes. Lewis is now once again one of the faces of the NFL and he managed to rebuild his image as evidence by his many endorsement deals. Ray is still doing his thing crushing running backs and doing the squirrel when he comes out the tunnel. One thing is for sure, he sure makes 2001 look like that was a looooong time ago.

2001 sure seems like a long time ago for Ray

Mike Vick

Whether you love him or hate him Mike Vick is one of the most polarizing players in the NFL. Vicks troubles are well documented. Never has an athlete been on top of the game and taken the fall that Vick took. Even though he has paid his debt to society there are many who can’t stand the fact that he is on his road to recovery. Furthermore there are those who feel that even today Vick isn’t being treated fairly because others can’t seem to move on when he already has. If you don’t agree then watch an Eagles or a Falcons game and I guarantee you will the Vick story in its entirety. Vick is taking the Ray Lewis route and rebuilding his image by making plays instead of off the field headlines.  I wonder how this story will look 5 years from now.

How many times did ESPN show this image? .. Yep

Big Ben

Ben Roethlisberger is different in that he was never really one to go out and have tons of endorsements or be the man his team was built around. Steelers have always been a team first, individual second type of organization. Ben took a lot of heat because it was perceived that he beat his case in spite of evidence that may or may not have convicted him. I guess we’ll never know cause somehow the evidence came up a little short. … Anyway,  Ben is on his way to possibly winning a third ring and in some circles that is greatness but in Ben’s case there will always be debate.

Where is the line between what a player does off field and what he does on field? How much does it affect who you cheer for and boo?

Fact: I don’t have a heaven or hell to put either of these men in. I didn’t witness any of their crimes and except Vick who admitted his wrong doing I really don’t know anyone’s guilt or innocence. I do know that America is THE most forgiving nation, but you know what … let me just rewrite this post in 5 years and lets see how it turns out.


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