No football? …Now What?

Before you jump out that window listen to me, just because the football season is about to end doesn’t mean you have to spend your Sundays watching lifetime. There are still some good viable sports options for the well-rounded sports fan. Together we can get through this. Whoo-sah!

Let me first say this, football will always be king in America and there is nothing that can compare to the NFL sunday experience.


The NBA is alive and thriving thanks in part to its array of young stars. Right now the league is very point guard rich. On any given night you see (Rondo, Paul, Westbrook, Rose, D Will, Nash, Evans and even Wall). Yes the NBA isn’t what it used to be but there are still some great games out there. The All-Star weekend in February is always a fun event and you get to see the players relax and have a little fun. The playoffs last year were fun to watch and I expect the same for this year as well.  Also you still have some great storylines for the 2nd half of the season.

  • Will the Lakers be too old to 3-peat? (Is Durant and Westbrook ready to take the next step)
  • Who will come out the East ? (Miami, Boston, Orlando or Chicago)
  • Blake Griffin ( See
  • Lebrons decision, how will it end?


March Madness / The Final 4

The Final 4 is the greatest sports tournament today.

Before you know it will be time to fill out those brackets. Because of the exodus of younger players to the NBA it’s hard to keep up with the players and know who the superstars are but March Madness is still the single greatest playoff in sports. Rivalry games are always competitive and if don’t know anything else you can always just cheer against Duke.


Yes I said it! Tiger Woods (golf’s biggest draw) is coming back and should be playing in all 4 majors. Say what you want about golf but watching Tiger on a sunday when he has a chance to win is must see TV. He has a lot to prove and I see him having a great year. Want more tiger? (see )

The 4 Majors –

  • The Masters – April 7-10
  • The US Open – June 16-19
  • The Open Championship – July 14 – 17
  • The PGA Championship – Aug 11-14


Yes our beloved football will be missed after the Superbowl and talk of a possible lockout has the most optimistic fans skeptical. If you just can’t get down with these options listed, there is always the NFL network giving you combine coverage, draft coverage and NFL re-plays.

See you in August



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