Celebrating 32

Me at 17 .. and Me at 31

In honor of the greatness that is myself on my 32nd year of awesomeness, I have devoted this blog post to the great number 32. In sports there have been many to wear the number 32 so I’ve selected a few of my favorites.

Salute to the great 32

Jim Brown – this list could really start and end with him. One of my top 5 athletes of all time.

OJ Simpson – loved him in the naked gun and in those Hertz commercials. I think he played football too.

Magic Johnson – Who doesn’t love Magic? One of the best Point Guards of all-time.

Shaq (Orlando) – You guys remember young Shaq? He came on the scene reaking havoc.

Kevin McHale – Hated the Celtics but he was one of the greatest post players of all time.

Magic, probably one of the most notable to put it down for #32

Dr. J (ABA) – Don’t know how good he was then but the Afro is kickin.

Marcus Allen – He looked skinny for a running back but he was a beast.

Jones-Drew – Young back who is one of today’s best.

Franco Harris – I don’t know much about Franco but I respect him as a winner.

Jason Kidd (Suns) – When he’s done the Hall of Fame awaits.

Edgerrin James (Colts) – Had solid years in Indy, racked up a bunch of yards.

Mike Pittman – Hey I’m a bucs fan and he did his thing in the Super Bowl ..Fight me!

At age 32 Tiger Woods won his 14th major beating Rocco Mediate in a playoff.. (C’mon you know I was going to figure a way to get Tiger in this post. )

Birthday money can be sent via paypal, check, money order, food stamps, cash, or you could just put something on one of my bills.

Peace all,



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