Championship Sunday – I Got Your Winners

SB XLV - Who's going

When the season began 32 teams had their sights set on hosting the Lombardi trophy in Dallas and becoming world champs. This Sunday we take one step closer to finding out who those final two teams will be. Last week I recouped from my dreadful 0-4 wildcard weekend and went 3-1 so ya boy is feeling kinda good. This week I’ve got to go 2-0 and then finish the year strong by picking your Super Bowl winner. Lets go!

Packers @ Bears

Bears / Packers .. One the NFL's greatest rivalries

Will somebody please inform Aaron Rodgers that name on the back of his jersey isn’t “Montana”. If you are a fan of football (and not a Eagles or Falcons fan) you had to appreciate the precision of how he has dissected defenses in the playoffs so far. Both teams have strong defenses that can generate pressure so this game might come down to the quarterbacks. Rodgers and Cutler have been playing at a high level but if I had to pick a QB to make plays under pressure I’d go with Rodgers. They both can light it up but Cutler is more apt to run either really hot or really cold. I think Green Bay goes into Chicago and gets it done.

Packers 30 – Bears 27 – (Let it be known that I will be cheering for the Bears because of Lovie Smith’s ties to Tampa Bay)


Jets @ Steelers

CAN’T WAIT!!! … You KNOW I had to throw that in there. The Jets have now gone into Indianapolis and New England and smacked both teams in the mouth. Here is difference between those venues and going into Pittsburg, the Steelers CAN stop a nose bleed! The Steelers have the #1 defense overall and the #2 against the run allowing only 35 yds a game. If the Jets can’t run I’m not buying the idea that Sanchez can carry them, in Pittsburg, against that defense throwing the ball 40 times. Tomlin and the boys don’t let it happen again.

Steelers 24 – Jets 17 – (Also let it be known, I’m a biased Mike Tomlin fan because of his ties to Tampa Bay.

Weigh in … Who’s going to Dallas?


One Response

  1. Killa, this weekend will be a either a smackdown or a rape. It will be hard to say one team will blow out another but it`s not impossible. Bears are stacked with Talent but you have an inconsistent QB. The Packs are on a man hunt, see and destroy. But week 17 game haunts them… Winning by 3 with a sleeping Bear defense.
    JETS JETS…… J.E.T.S………. Can I say the Green Hype…. The other side of the field is now the threat to SuperBowl winning QBs……. Like Goldberg useto say…. “whose NEXT”!
    STEELERS……. No.. No…. Not the every other year AFC kings of the Ring…… With that crazy long hair LB,…. That likes to leap over a whole O-line……. Someone should just stand up straight and su-plex him.

    Itr will be a weekend….
    Green Bay 24 Bears 21

    Jets 28 Steelers 28 OT
    Jets win by a Field Goal in OT

    I have seen it, therefore it is….

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