Greatest Sports Rants

Due to the greatness of the Bart Scott post game interview we here at Ballers Sport got to wondering about our favorite sports rants of all time. We’ve reached out to you via facebook and twitter and have managed to narrow the list down to 10. When you see the list, understand there is no way that we can rank them in any type of order because they all pertain a small piece of greatness.

In no order here is our top 10:

Allen Iverson – “Practice” – Y’all know I love AI, but this is one of the classic sound bytes that everyone knows. Question; Allen you’re a basketball player if you don’t have a game what else do you do with the 24 hours given to you in your day? … Oh ok..

Jim Mora – Playoffs – This rant is funny because you really have to pay close attention to Mora’s facial expression. Any why your voice have to get so high Jim?

Hal McRae – ^%&*%  And the award for the brotha that goes from 0 to tantrum in .3 seconds goes to Hal McRae. This dude is gets so mad but whats funny is watch how he untangles the phone only to throw it into the wall. Also, check out the reporters, they are looking at each other like, “welp, I’m not gonna ask him any more questions. And the cherry on top, “Put that in $%$@ pipe and smoke it”.

Dan Hawkins – “It’s division one football”.  This is a solid rant by Hawkins, my favorite part of course is at the end when he says “Go play intramurals”, only to punctuate it by dropping the “brother” card. Priceless.

Mike Tyson – “I wanna eat his children” – Ok if I had to pick a favorite this one would definately be in the top three. First Tyson pays absolutely NO attention to the questions Jim Gray ask him. Next he goes on the rant and say he wants to eat Lennox’s children only to end the rant by saying what I’m sure we all would say … “All praises to Allah.”

John Chaney – “I’ll kill you”. Yea it doesn’t get any better than threatening another mans life. John Chaney, excuse me, Mr. Chaney is street down to his chore and that is probably what makes him a good coach. Shoutout to Eddie Jones making a cameo.


Chad Dukes – “I want reperations” – This to me is the best 12 mins of radio ever!!! …No i’m serious, ever!! .. There are so many great quotes in this rant. Lavar Arrington saying “Get em”, chad demanding those millionaires “to turn in your key cards” and futher proclaiming that “he wants reperations”. This is history!


Kevin Borseth – “Paper slam” – I dare you to view the first 5 seconds of this vid and not laugh. If you can do it, email me and the check will be in the mail.


Bart Scott – “Can’t wait” – I told you in the last post, that Scott became a icon in 69 seconds. So much greatness in that interview starting from the “jet fly in”. He takes shots at Tom Jackson and Keyshawn and the cherry on top is the “can’t wait” quote as he looks at Sal Pal WWE style. I love it.


Herm Edwards – Hello, You Play to Win the Game – Ok I just laughed after I typing that, that is the level of comedy in this rant. You can put this on mute and just watch Herms facial expressions and it would be equally as funny.

These are the 10 that we came up with, what did we miss?


One Response

  1. Denny Green’s “The Bears are who we THOUGHT they were” definitely got snubbed. Also loved “I’m a man, I’m 40!”

    BTW Scott was givin Keyshawn props, not dissing him, since he was the only one who picked the Jets to beat NE.

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