Seahawks & Pats Lights Out

Mike Tomlin on his way to another Super Bowl ???

Well Falcons and Ravens fans, they say misery loves company and if that is true make room on the couch for the Seahawks and Patriots fans because they will not be playing in Dallas. Can we clearly say now that being a #1 seed and having a bye is not what it’s cracked up to be? .. I mean really, if you look at the numbers, teams that earned the first round bye only win 50% of the time. That’s hardly an advantage.

The Bears held serve with the Seahawks like most ex

pected. I give credit to Lovie Smith and his staff for playing his starters for trying to win that last game against Green Bay. Cutler looked good in his first playoff game and that Bears D is gonna be a problem. Keep sleeping on them if you must . I will say that the Seahawks never gave up and they earned a lot of people’s respect during their playoff run.

The Jets backed up all the smack talk  that they talked all week and made all the plays to beat the Patriots 28-21. Give the Jets credit, they handled their business and they proved me wrong. Brady was never in rhythm and they made plays, that is what playoff football is all about. Good defense and a running game is what the Jets are about and once they got the lead it was a wrap.

Next up … NFL Championship Sunday, who ya got?


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  1. I am more interested in your thoughts on the Packers/Bears next weekend. Being born and raised in Chicago, and loving football teams like Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Indy, I find no love for the Bears. I try not to be a hater, but since you follow me on Twitter, you might have guessed I am a Bears Heckler of the worst kind. It’s not that I don’t want to admit the Bears played well yesterday. I just see consistency a problem. I will be routing for the Packers. Bears have proven they can get in the Packers head though.

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