Birds Fall from Playoffs

A-Rod could do no wrong in Atlanta

Whoa!! Did y’all see the story about them birds falling from the sky? .. Well, maybe we should have taken it as a prophetic sign because two more teams with bird mascots are knocked out of the playoffs (Ravens, Falcons). The Ravens-Steelers game, or should I say Steelers – Ravens game lived up to all the hype and I believe we will not see a better game from here on out. The physicality, the hate, hard nose defense and last minute heroics – I mean what more can you ask for?

As for the Falcons- Packers game, or should I say the Packers game, the Falcons fans are going to go to sleep and dream about Aaron Rodgers. He went into the Georgia dome screaming with a spear and ready to kill and thats how you have to beat a team like Atlanta at home. Rodgers could do no wrong against a pourus Atlanta defense. To quote A-Rod “It was just one of those nights”.

Congrats to the Steelers and Packers … on to the next round.


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  1. Birds falling from the sky.. I love it..

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