Ballers 2011 NBA All-Stars

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is almost time again for the annual NBA All-Star festivities which will be held in Los Angeles. We got to thinking and we asked ourselves, why not do a blog about the All-Stars that we voted for? After careful deliberation we came up with 10 starters that we at Ballers Sports voted for. You know what they say, many or called but the chosen are 10. Here is our list.

When the East is in the house …

Bron and Amare are our duo at the foward position

Danger! Ok first things first, we are gonna start with the Eastern squad. At one forward Ballers Sports selects, Lebron James from the Miami Heat. Despite what how we feel about the Lebron the person, Lebron the basketball player is a monster. LBJ is throwing up a modest 25-7-7  per game and has the Heat playing at a hight level. At the other forward we are going to go with Amare Stoudemire. Amare is currently averaging 25 and 9 and more importantly he is bringing a relevance back to New York basketball. Anytime the Knicks are competitive its great for the NBA.

The guard position for the East really came down to three guys and out of the three the first guard selected was the Miami Heats Dwayne Wade. It took them a while but Wade is finally looking comfortable in that Miami offense and the only question is what will they do in the playoffs. The battle of the points guards was won  by Bostons Rajon Rondo who edged out Derrick Rose slightly, but we still have Rose as an all-star.

And the man in the middle … Ok let’s be real beside Bogut can anyone name another center besides Dwight Howard? He’s having a great year averaging 21 and 13 and the discussion begins and ends with Howard.


The West squad is still all about KB24

At the forward position the west is stacked!! .. You have Zach Randolph, Dirk, LaMarcus Aldrige, and Melo all of whom are worthy of becoming All-Stars. However, the first forward chosen is OKC’s Kevin Durant. He’s putting up 28 a game and the Thunder look like they are poised for a 2nd half run. If you’re read our post on Blake Griffin you already know how we feel enough said. The youngster is 21 and 12 every night and his potential is scary good. Yep, he’s our starter.

Up top there’s never a doubt that Kobe Bryant is gonna the unanimous choice out of both squads. He’s got a lot of miles on those legs but he’s still the best in the game. At the point we went with Russell Westbrook over Deron Williams although their numbers are pretty much identical. Westbook is playing at a high level and he is so fun to watch.

At Center for the west was the hardest decision because we found it hard to cast a vote for Yao because he’s hurt. That left us to choose from a pool of average centers at best. The best we could do was Denvers Nene‘.  15 and 7 aren’t usually All-Star numbers but considering who else we had to choose from we are satisfied with Nene’.


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