Free Blake Griffin

Griffin throwing down the hammer

21 pts .. 12 boards …shooting over 50% from the field. These are the numbers from one Mr. Blake Griffin.. One of my favorite hashtags on twitter is #MoreBlakeGriffinHighlightsPlease. He is a highlight waiting to happen but more importantly he is putting up solid numbers night in and night out. I still don’t know whose game I can compare his too, so how about we say he plays like Blake Griffin.

I went on his website and was very impressed to see that He gives money from every dunk he does toward childhood obesity and to date he’s raised $8,600. I tweeted this earlier but I believe he not only needs to make the all-star team but he needs to be a starter! Yes I said it. He’s got the numbers and you can no longer just cash in on the W when the Clippers come to town. This guy is much more than a dunking machine but he actually has mad game. I cast my vote for him as a All-Star today and I invite you to do the same.

 For more info “Mr Griffin” check him out at



One Response

  1. The young man is on a terror right now. He is doing his thing. I can’t recall ever seeing another athlete come in with the impact that he is having especially after missing an entire season with an injury. He is in a class by himself in comparison to the rest of the rookie class this year. Maybe the Clippers will find a way to keep this group together. It could get pretty good out west if they can

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