A Rivalry By Any Other Name

The Florida-Georgia rivalry is one of my favorites

This weekend the Steelers and Ravens will go into battle and it has me thinking a lot about sports rivalries. The thing about sports rivalries is, it’s all about where you’re from. Growing up in Florida it was all about Florida vs Florida State. The sport could be basket weaving but as long as it was a Gator vs a Seminole hate was involved.

I’ve laid out some of my favorite rivalries in various sports, take a look at the list and tell us what rivalries you enjoy most.

NCAA Football – Florida vs Georgia

Understand where I’m coming with this one. I’m a Florida boy who lives in Atlanta. I’m surrounded by Georgia talk year  round (no exaggeration) and the fact that the Gators have owned this matchup for the past decade (8-2) has made “the worlds largest cocktail party” one of my favorite weekends in the CFB season. This rivalry has the hate and bad blood to make my list.

NCAA Basketball – Duke vs UNC

I’m a Georgetown fan so I don’t have a dog in the fight. This is arguably the greatest rivalry in sports. When these two teams play throw out the records because both teams are gonna go hard. I can still recall Capel hitting a running three to send a game into OT, Jerry Stackhouse’s behind the goal slam and the Duke players slapping the floor on defense. This rivalry has great tradition and I love to see them do battle twice a year.

The Bird-Magic battles were the greatest.

MLB Baseball – Yankees vs Red Sox

I am a Tampa Bay Rays fan so usually when these two teams get together it helps us out a little. This rivalry isn’t as great as the first two mentioned because they play so many times during the year and ESPN and Fox are constantly pushing it down our throats. However, as rivalries go this is one of the better ones. The history goes all the way back to the Babe Ruth trade in 1914. I personally like watching a great pitching matchup (maybe a Sabathia vs Beckett) on a summer’s evening between these two ball clubs. And who doesn’t enjoy a great baseball brawl? … I know I do.

NBA – Lakers v Celtics

I’m old school so I enjoyed this rivalry better during the Bird-Magic era. I still like the NBA but I don’t love it like I used to. Last years Celtics – Lakers finals was great to watch for nostalgia sake and from a pure basketball standpoint. Anytime you get 7 games, that’s a win win for everyone. I think the rivalry is healthy now, not strong but healthy, I attribute that to the wussification of the NBA (hmm, sounds like a great blog post). The NBA is always a better place when the Lakers and Celtics are relevant.

Honorable Mention – Other great rivalries 

Alabama – Auburn – after going to school in the state of Alabama I’ve never seen more passionate fans.

Army – Navy – Great game for what it stands for.

Ohio St. – Michigan – Solid rivalry because neither team plays anyone during the season.

Giants – Dodgers – Great rivalry, lots of hate.

Cowboys- Redskins – Becoming one of my faves, especially when both teams aren’t playing well.


So that’s who I like, who you got? We wanna hear from you.


2 Responses

  1. I’m biased but I’ll throw out Kansas-Missouri. We hate them, they hate us. Hatred is historical, Civil War based regarding bleeding Kansas and whether it would be a free state or a slave state.

    I’ll also go OU-Texas. It is real.

  2. I’m with Stank_0. OU-Texas is crazy, but I do live in Texas, so I’m extremely biased. I need more insight on Florida-Georgia. I’ve never really understood that rivalry. Good post.

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