Easy’s Divisional Picks

Brady is the man , I got them going to Dallas

 Disclaimer: Save your money though because last week, the kid was 0-4. .. Who knew?

The Saints – Who knew? .. Yea they were away but you can’t tell me 90% of america didn’t pick them.

The Eagles – Who knew? .. Yea this game was a pick em and I picked wrong.

The Colts – Who knew? .. Peyton at home? I took my chances

The Chiefs – Who knew? .. My surprise upset pick, but once Seattle came through on their upset, I knew I was in trouble with this pick.

Ok so here we go, 0 for 4 last week, if I go 4 for 4, I’m back at .500. I’m going with my gut,  no analysis, no breakdown,  no nothing, so here go your winners for this week.






Money in the bank! … Shawty what ya drank?




2 Responses

  1. I was 3/4 this past weekend. The one I got wrong was the Colts; and I didn’t necessarily think the Seahawks would win but I didn’t think that the Saints would cover the spread, so 2.5/4?

  2. This year is a year of upsets…. Seahawks,… Jets’s,…. Green Bay tonight,…. I really would not be suprise if the Seahawks win over Chicago tomorrow. That’s why I love this spot…. Upset is the key to the sport……..

    Here is question,.. What if Seattle vs AFC in the Super Bowl…. just saying?

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