Dear AI



Allen Iverson at Georgetown where it all began

So word on the street is AI is about to call it quits. I wrote this last year but I thought i would repost. This is for all my AI fans. In the beginning … It was the year 1994 and as a Freshman in High School I instantly became a fan with #3 for the Georgetown Hoyas. As a lifelong Hoyas fan I was drawn to them because “I liked their colors”.

 I loved their in your face defensive style and I felt close to the program and if I ever saw coach Thompson I would have probably called him uncle John. Before I say my goodbyes understand this: I was a AI fan before the tats, cornrows and bling.

I remember how in 95′ the team wore the “patten leather” white and black jordans and I thought that was so dope. I remember that dunk you threw down vs Uconn. The battles you had versus Kerry “one little sock” Kittles, Ray Allen and Lazarus Sims that were legendary. I remember our runs in the Big East tourney and how Othella used to get pissed cause JT gave you the green light. I remember how coach JT surrounded you with defensive players Jerome Williams, Boubacar Aw, Joe Touomo, and Cheikh Dia.

I almost cried when we lost to Umass in the elite 8 and as a result I’ve never been much of a Marcus Camby fan.

Fame, fortune and legacy … When you got drafted, I got drafted. I taped the draft even though I knew you were going #1. I had a pic of you and Marbury in the newspaper the following day and put it on my wall. I wanted a pair of Red “Q’s” but I had to settle for the blue ones. Honestly they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and 10 plus year later I have a blue and a gray pair today. Real talk. When the bandwagon fans tried to get on after you crossed MJ, I told everyone they had to get behind me.

In my opinion you were best when you had to do it all. Just ask; Victor Paige, Derrick Coleman, Jerry Stackhouse, Larry House, Chris Webber and Carmelo Anthony. When we were in the finals versus the Lakers I was actually satisfied we got one game because we were supremely outmatched. All things considered I still have the tape of you dropping a J and stepping over Tyronne “who”. That was our pinnacle, and like Dr. King and Moses, that was our view of the mountaintop.

Unfortunately all good things must come to end. The stint with the Nuggets, Grizz and back to Philly is like watching Ali’s last fight against Larry Holmes. Allen listen to me. Lets shut it down man. You are a 1st ballot hall of famer. You’ve always said you wanted to play each game like it was your last and that is exactly what you have done. Thanks for the memories and if you need someone to introduce you at your HOF speech. Don’t mention it … I got you.



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  2. There’s nothing better than Iverson at Georgetown, dude still had some innocence about him. Plus the GTown unis and the J’s were just plain live as hell. Plus, I’m weak as hell when you put “Boubacar Aw” on there.

    I hope Iverson comes back in a second life, because the last 2-3 years have just been plain weird. We can all hope.


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