The Mike Vick Experience

Mike Vick hold your head up son.

I’ve lived in Atlanta for over 5 years now and I have experienced many things in my time being here, among those is “The Mike Vick Experience”.  You all remember the commercial with the kid riding the Vick rollercoaster. From the moment Mike got to this city he could do absolutely no wrong. … unfortunately.  His career in Atlanta is well documented and I’m glad to say that I was able to witness a lot of it. At the time I worked at a small newspaper so I attended many Falcons games. I can recall when the Falcons hosted the Rams in the playoffs. Vick (who always came out the tunnel last) came out to T.I’s “Bring em out” and that Dome erupted like a volcano. I’m a Bucs fan but I had nothing but appreciation for that surreal sports moment. It was crazy.

ESPN, FOX and NBC do a great job of reminding you of all Vicks mistakes so there is no need to reiterate that. His rise from the bottom  is what I find most rewarding. He now has reinvented himself into a “smarter” Quarterback versus a gifted one who was able to get by with his athleticism. Now he  has paid his dues to society and is making the best of his second chance in life.

But to me THIS is the Mike Vick experience.

It’s not the first playoff win vs. Green Bay, the overtime run against the Vikings or even the what he did to the Redskins this year. (Shout out to Chad Dukes).

The best part of this story is the road to redemption.

Forget the football player … Forget the money … Forget the dogs

What about the man?

This man is walking the road to redemption and that to me is an experience in of itself.  Vick and his Eagles are out of the playoffs now, but as long as he is doing the right thing for him and his family. He wins.


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