Who’s on your Sports Rushmore

My Rushmore - Ali, Tiger, MJ & JB

When you think about the history of sports and all that you know it to be and I told you to give me 4 athletes for your own Mount Rushmore, could you do it? A while back we had a discussion about this on my radio show and this is actually one of the hardest questions to answer. Here are the rules; any era, any athlete but you only get four?

Who ya got? — This was harder than I thought but I have come up with my 4.

Ali–  Muhammad Ali was the first name that came to mind and was actually my easiest pick. He was a champion and the domination he had on the sport of boxing was never seen before. He was a brash young black man who talked trash and backed it up in a time where he wasn’t even allowed to use the same bathroom as whites. Truth be told about Ali, America didn’t really embrace him until he got sick and that is a shame. His work speaks for itself, but there has never been a combination of speed, power, footwork and confidence all rolled into one boxer. Like most of the athletes on my list his impact far exceeds that which he accomplished in the ring.  He is #1 on my list and he will always be “The Greatest”.

Eldrick Woods –  First of all to all the haters, miss me with that “tigers-legacy-is-void-cause-he-cheated-on-his-wife-bull.” Look at the numbers and say it with me ..”Tiger Tiger Woods y’all”. The way Tiger came on the scene and dominated a sport that blacks have always had limited access to is nothing but amazing. Holding all four majors at

*Tiger Fist Pump*

once and winning in the fashion that he used to win will never be duplicated again. (Go ahead and print that last statement off). Tiger is only 35 and can play this game well into his 60’s and you still have people doubting if he can win 3 more majors? … C’MON SON! ..Tiger is an athlete and not a Pastor, Bishop or Priest. To all the perfect people who love to grind an ax every time he loses, Tiger has  done more for blacks and the game of golf to always be considered a winner in my book.  *Tiger fist pump* .. Holla.

MJ – When you talk about sports and you see MJ, everyone knows who you’re talking about. As a lifelong Dominique Wilkins fan this is hard for me but I’m trying to put this list together with as few bias as possible. Much to my chagrin, MJ stuck a dagger in my heart countless times as a child and it wasn’t till a few years ago “game had to recognize game”. I cheered for Magic when MJ got his first ring and was like “Man this dude ain’t all that”. I remember my brother and I, going hard for Clyde the glide to get his ring but when Jordan started hitting all those three’s, I literally cried. I rode with Charles, Richard Dumas and KJ because you couldn’t tell me that Suns team

The "flu" game.. when he finally got my respect.

wasn’t a Championship team. Yep .. How’s that 3rd ring feel Mike? … 

Surely Shawn Kemp and GP (are ya wit me) was gonna put an end to this foolishness. Yep, Ring #4. Mike and I was battling and he was winning 4-0 and mocking me with each championship. By the time Stockton and Malone came along and I witnessed “the flu” game, i gave up. I couldn’t fight it any longer, I had to give this man his props. Despite the retirement, baseball, gambling and some of the other stuff there will never ever be another “Mike”.

#32 – If I could start my football team in any era with any player of my choosing, it would be Mr. Jim Brown. This man was the definition of a gladiator. He was a man amongst men. The fact that averaged 5.2 yards a carry.. The fact that when he left the game he was the all-time leading rusher in his short career.. The fact that he is in the lacrosse Hall of Fame!! …

Legends - Ali and Jim Brown

 I could go on and on about Mr. Brown. When you hear about former linebackers who used to get hurt tackling him shows how tough he was/is. Yes he’s also on my “Old man strong list” (blog post coming soon). Brown made my list because he let the world know he was more than just a football player even though he was one of the best to ever do it. His community work is well documented and this guy can walk into any hood in the USA and command respect. Yep, take your pretty boy Quarterbacks and your diva receivers, I’m picking first and I got Jim.

Honorable mention:

Allen Iverson – see my post on AI (it explains)

Jackie Robinson – Without Jackie  …. well you know.

Derrick Brooks – My favorite football player of all-time. Blog post coming on him later, stay tuned

Bill Russell –  Another one of my faves because he was the best “winner” to ever do it.


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