Turn out the lights …

Saints Fan … Colts Fan … Chiefs Fan … Eagles Fan

“… The party’s over. They say that all good things must end, call it a night the party’s oveeerrrrr.”

Shoutout and Rest in Peace to the greatness that is Don Meredith

Well congrats on making it to the playoffs .. NOW GO HOME!  hahahah … The only good thing about your team  not making the playoffs is that you can hate on all the teams that make it and get bounced. Yep I did terrible on my picks but at least I didn’t get TRUCKED like Tracy Porter of the Saints. Like the homie Bomani Jones says, BEATEMDOWN!!!!!

Move Porter, get out the way... get out the way

Another weekend in the books, who will be the casualties of next weeks playoffs? Will your team be the next to go fishing?
Heres a question I want to know.  Are you ok with your team being 2nd place at the end? Or is it all or nothing? Vote & Comment.

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