Easy’s Picks for Wildcard Weekend.

Super Bowl XLV - The Journey Begins ..

There are a few things in life that you can count on, death, taxes and playoff football!!! .. I’m geeked so here are my locks for the wildcard weekend. And by locks I mean, you may win and you may not, either way I’m not responsible for your gambling habit.

Saints @ Seahawks – (Saints favored by 10 1/2,)

 I’m always weary of when Vegas puts out a big  number like this. Saints have #3 passing offense against the 27th ranked pass defense. Normally I would take that matchup but I believe the weather won’t be that great. Ok enough analysis heres what my gut is telling me.    

— Saints win the game and cover! Take it to the bank! (Saints 28- Seahawks 10)

NY Jets @ Colts – (Colts  2 1/2 favorites)

Honestly Rex Ryan kind of gets on my nerves sometimes. The Jets have been the media darlings all year and Ryan is writing checks his players are gonna have to cash. Can they do it against a less than stellar Colts team? Don’t think so. Peyton is a beast even if he’s throwing to guys that have my speed.

Colts win and cover 24-17


Ravens @ Chiefs ( Ravens 3 pt favorites)

Going into the season, the Ravens were a lot of teams Super Bowl pick. I really like the Ravens but I think the Chiefs could shock the world. Baltimore is kind of Jekyll and Hyde to me. I think KC comes in and hits them early and surprises everyone.

Upset special: Chiefs 24-21

 Packers @ Eagles ( Packers 2 1/2 pt favorites)

This may be the game of the weekend. The pack did what they have to do, and I like teams that begin to play their ball toward the end of the season. The only thing is that the Packers can’t run the ball even a little bit.  However I’m torn cause Aaron Rodgers is simply “Dat Dude”. I think weather might play a factor and slow down the Vick / Jackson duo. At the end of the day, I’m gonna ride with Reids playoff record and a healthy Vick to make it happen.

Eagles Win 31-28

There you have it folks. Saints, Colts, Chiefs and Eagles.. Check back on Monday and give me my props (or let me have it).  Either way its playoff football time folks!!! Whoo hoo!!



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